Dominic Littlewood

Television Presenter & Journalist

Dominic was born by the coast in Leigh-on-Sea and enjoys many water sports including mono & bare foot skiing, wake and knee boarding, scuba diving and sailing. 
After breaking his neck in Australia in 1990 while back packing round the world Dominic made his own 28 hour journey to hospital where he underwent a spinal fusion of his C5 vertebrae and went on to make a full recovery.
Having been a type 1 diabetic since the age of ten, he has witnessed many changes in the medical procedures and NHS and  writes for many magazines and newspapers including The Telegraph, Balance and Top Gear. 
Dominic took part in Channel 4’s ‘Fakin It’ where he trained a vicar to become a successful sales negotiator who passed the on screen test first time, beating many well experienced sales people at their own game. 
He narrowly missed out on winning Celebrity Total Wipe Out and took 2nd place, beaten by just one second. 
In 2007 Strictly Come Dancing called and he made it through to week 6, the well deserved Alesha Dixon romped home and claimed the crown. 
A keen motorcyclist and lover of American cars he has personally imported both new and second hand vehicles from the USA and knows the procedure of transportation, duty, tax and clearing imports for their SVA approval 
Due to his tenacity for tackling rogue companies and cowboy tradespeople and his passion for solving consumer problems he currently has one of the busiest schedules in TV.  
Programmes include Cowboy Builders, Cowboy Traders, The One Show, Don’t Get Done, Get Dom, Street Patrol UK, Saints & Scroungers, Fake Britain, Beat the Burglar, Wrong car, Right car, To Buy or Not to Buy, So You Think You Can Drive, Caught Red handed, Flycatchers & How to Holiday. 
After investigating and reporting on most scams tricks and cons used by unscrupulous con artists Dominic has gained an extensive knowledge and regularly appears on TV to warn unsuspecting viewers.

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